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Staff in Research and Development organisations often work in silos and have poor awareness of colleagues beyond their immediate networks.

If it’s hard to see, or find, staff based on their skills and interests, this leads to problems including inefficient use of resources, missed connections and slower innovation.


What we do

We create bespoke software solutions using the latest in natural language processing technology to allow organisations to quickly and easily identify relevant staff using readily available data.

This opens up a whole host of potential applications to streamline the way information is disseminated.

Search engines

Search engines that make it easy for those within (and outside) your organisation to find relevant staff and potential collaborators given any piece of text.

Personalised information

Personalised notifications for staff containing tailored information on events, talks, funding opportunities, and publications.

Event management

Upload events, talks and training into a searchable database. Events are automatically matched to relevant staff across the entire organisation.


APIs to allow organisations to self-manage their own solutions allowing greater control and flexibility.

Dr Gemma Archer
Director & Co-founder
Dr Ben Elsworth
Director & Co-founder


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Our data centres will be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. We invest a proportion of our profits in renewable energy technologies and assess the impact of all our products to ensure they have a net positive impact on the environment by reducing organisational inefficiencies.